M.Ch. (Orthopaedics) Certification Programme

Offered by USAIM


red  How to Register

arrow To seek eligibility, please send a soft copy ( scan copy by email or fax) or print copy of your qualification certificates, medical council registration and your experience letter along with your C.V. Please refer ‘contact us’ section on our website to find email id, fax number or postal address.

arrow Please await your eligibility confirmation. You will receive your eligibility confirmation email and instructions to make payment through an email.

arrow Please make payment as per the fees details sent to you. Once you make the payment,  inform us the details of  your payment.  It is important to inform us details of payment to make sure we can confirm receipt of the same.

arrow You will receive a registration form. The registration form has details of your course related options like dissertation subject, Observership related options etc. Please take time and fill up the registration form.

arrow Print  2 copies of the registration form, sign the copies. Send us the signed copy along with 6 photographs. These are required for your admission with the certificate awarding body.  Please keep one copy with you, so incase of any irregularities we can discuss with you and ask you for corrected form.

arrowOn receipt of your fees and successfully completed registration form , you will receive the acknowledgement for the same. You will also receive confirmation of your admission.



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